The below comments have been left over the years by my many previous students.

Some reference the former (longer) 10 hour CHL course while others reference private one-on-one lessons they have taken.  I am very proud of their satisfaction! 

Student Name:  Cindi Clarke
Occupation:  Housewife
Comments:  What can I say, that hasn't already been stated in previous testimony? My husband has been wanting me to get my CHL for years. I noticed someone's post on a City of Lewisville FB (community) page asking about CHL classes. Mike came highly recommended; after seeing his background and experience on his website, I felt confident it would be a successful class. Mike holds the quality of a truly great teacher. Knowledgeable, patient, kind. The class truly flies by! Thank you Mike!

Student Name:  Stan C.
Occupation:  Retired Police Officer
Comments:  As a retired New York police officer and police instructor, I can honestly say that I've attended more than my share of tactical training. Mike was able to qualify me for my annual LEOSA/HR218 firearms qualifications. Mike is very knowledgeable and he is one of the best instructors that I've had the honor to work with. I plan on coming back to him every year.

Student Name:  Rod A
Occupation:  mobile telecom expert
Comments:  I touched my first handgun during this training and i was si amazed to see how this training so such limited time has provided me with enough information and skilled turning me into à responsible CHL.
great job Mike.

Student Name:  Candi Blisard
Occupation:  General Manager
Comments:  I attended Mike's Holsters & Heels class January 12th. The location was great, it was more of a home atmosphere than a classroom. I learned so much from his training. Mike is a very patient and kind person and he is very knowledgable on the CHL subject. We actually had class on a very cold and rainy day, although Mike was willing to reschedule for any us unsure about qualifying in the rain, all 13 of us ladies bundled up and passed like pro's! I highly recommend his class, I will certainly be returning for any future classes I will need for renewals.

Student Name:  Leslie
Occupation: Secretary
Comments:  My husband and I took the class. It was a long day, but Mike made it go by very quickly. Lots of class interaction and very informative. Mike is a very good teacher and explained in easy to understand language what the laws meant. Highly recommend Mike's course!

Student Name:  Bianca Prado
Occupation:  7th Grade English Teacher
Comments:  You couldn't be in better hands. Regardless of your level of experience with guns, Mike does a fantastic job of explaining the safe use of firearms and the laws that go with them. In addition, Mike made the class fun and interesting, and answered every question in a patient and clear way. It was truly a pleasure to learn from him, and I would recommend this course and instructor to anyone.

Student Name:


Comments:  Thank you for offering this class.  It was informative way beyond my expectations.
What I liked most about this class was your willingness to answer questions and guide
us thru scenarios.  That was huge.  Allowing my classmates to share experiences and
listening to your repsonses to those experiences added a lot more learning material to
the class.  You did a great job promoting our rights (and most importantly RESPONSIBILITY) as citizens
to get involved without sounding like a politician.  That was very huge.  Quick example;
I read last week that OK recently passed the open carry.  I was all for it, untill I took your class.
You answered questions without me even having to ask.  That was the whole reason I was
there to begin with. . . to be educated about something I knew nothing about.
 At the gun range I felt very comfortable.  Your step by step instructions were perfect and I
never had a doubt about what you expected from me.  That was great.  I really surprised myself
on how tight my shot patterns were.  The portion of the class that demonstrated holding and aligning
the sights along with a the instruction on squeezing the trigger really helped me understand that gun
is a tool and that I should let it do the work.  Im hanging that up at home in my garage (out of sight to
others of course).
 You did a really really good job covering the CHL-16.  I made a 100 on the test.  A book written by lawyers
for lawyers is never easy to understand.  You broke it down line by line and emphasized each point you
were making.
My final take on this class is that I now have enough knowledge to know that I am still very much a novice
and that continuing my education in all aspects of this class are very important.  The laws, my rights, gun safety
and storage and finally shooting the gun.
Thanks again Mike,

Student Name:  David Stone
Occupation:  Teacher Lewisville ISD
Comments:  Although Mike Lane's CHL course came recommended by a friend, I thought it was going to be very long and boring. The course flew by and I enjoyed every bit of it! Not only was it fun, but I also learned an enormous amount of gun safety, types of guns, and much much more. Mike's knowledge and common sense approach to protecting yourself physically and legally (meaning from lawsuits) is priceless. I am so glad I took this CHL course over any others out there. Mike is clear, concise, and very knowledgeable. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to get a thorough education/certification on CHL. The teaching style is perfect for all ages, men or women. I could not recommend this course more highly.

Student Name:  Mr. F
Occupation:  Director of IT
Comments:  Mike did an outstanding job answering all the questions and providing instructions. Class went by pretty quick, given mandated duration. Mike was patient answering all the questions and informative, giving real life examples. Highly recommend it. Thank you Mike!!!

Student Name : Justin
Occupation: Firefighter
Comments : I recently did my CHL renewal with Mike. I was only in the class for 4 hours but I wanted to stay for more because he made the content very interesting. Much better than the original class I took with someone else. I highly recommend Mike's class for anyone thinking of doing it!

Student Name : Karen
Occupation: Detention Officer
Comments : I attened the CHL class a couple of days ago with my husband and we really enjoyed the class. Mike was a wonderful instructor and made the class very enjoyable. This is a very worthwhile course.

Student Name:  Kevin
Occupation:  Technology Sales
Comments:  Taking the CHL class through Mike was an excellent choice. His insight into real world scenarios because of his law enforcement experience adds a whole new level of information. I personally appreciated his description of different real-world scenarios and what to do and not do since he has lived these things in the real world. This knowledge is invaluable to me in case something bad ever happens to me or my family.

Student Name:  Terri Crociata
Occupation:  Executive Assistant
Comments:  My husband is a former NYPD police officer and a current Lewisville PD officer so we've always had guns in the house, but I've never shown an interest until recently due mostly to fear. Honestly, I was afraid of them. Although the class was almost 12 hours long, the time flew by because Mike made the material very interesting and informative. I no longer have fear of guns and I'm looking forward to going to the range with my husband! I highly recommend Mike's course to anyone and will return when it's time to renew my CHL. Thanks, Mike!!

Student Name:  Terry Robinson
Occupation:  Physical Therapist
Comments:  Great class this past Sunday. Mike knows his stuff and made the 12 hours fly by. Very informative and I feel much more comfortable with a gun now. And safer. Thank you very much Mike and keep up the awesome work.

Student Name:  Paula Robinson
Occupation:  Software Test Manager
Comments:  Mike Lane's CHL class was fantastic. He covered a lot of information and kept us interested throughout the 10+ hour class. I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to be educated on the use of handguns.

Student Name:  Joey Resendis
Occupation:  Engineer
Comments:  I know very little about guns. I took the class primarily because of a respectful fear of guns that I wanted to overcome. What made me feel most comfortable in Mike's class was his ability and willingness to explain every question his students had. What I learned in the classroom made for a very easy transistion to the gun range (I shot very well). My classmates were also very helpful. I learned so much the hours flew by. Mike welcomes his students to participate and share experiences that a novice like myself soaked in. This class is for all skill levels. For those of you who have previous experience with fire arms, you'll be encouraged to share experiences and learn techniques that Mike's extensive experience provides. for other novices, this class is definately for you. I would highly recommend Mike's CHL class to anyone. I left Mike's class confident in what I had learned and aware that I had much more yet to learn.

Student Name:  Lisa Chatlain
Occupation:  Marketing
Comments:  What a great class! I'm a 48 year old female and I wanted to understand the law and my rights as it relates to handguns. Texas State Law requires this class to be 10 hours long but Mike made it very interesting and informative. His examples are from his experience, not from a textbook and that makes the material so much more visual. Mike is a dynamic speaker and a great leader. You have come to the right place for your CHL class!

Student Name:  Ray Busch
Occupation:  Apple, Inc. Senior Technial Support Advisor
Comments:  Went though Mike's CHL course yesterday.   It is a heck of a long day to be in a classroom (excluding the fun shooting part) and I was concerned I would get board and fall asleep but Mike kept the training very interesting and informative. e is an excellent instructor and provides all of the important aspects of being a trustworthy fire arms carrier. I was very impressed with his presentation and how comfortable he makes you feel throughout the day. It didn't feel like a 10 hr. day! Would do it again in a heartbeat. I recommend anyone interested in getting educated on the proper rules and regulations of proper handgun laws and regulations to take his course. Looking forward to the renewal in 4 yrs! Thanks again for a job well done.

Student Name:  C. Henley
Occupation:  Business Owner
Comments:  As the wife of a police officer, people would assume that I would be comfortable around firearms...But if the truth be told, I was very intimidated around handguns. After taking Mike Lane's CHL class, I feel A LOT more comfortable handling a handgun. The scare factor has been replaced by knowledge of how to handle them safely and knowing the laws on how to lawfully carry a weapon. No one looks forward to a 10 hour class of any kind, but, Mike made the class interesting and informative and the time just flew by! If you are looking for a CHL class, look no further! You will not be disappointed, Mike is a GREAT instructor and I would take any firearms class he taught. Thanks again, Mike!

Student Name:  Richard Craighead
Occupation:  Sr. Director (Cyber Security Research)
Comments:  I was dreading completing the classroom hours requirement for a Texas CHL. Mike made this a enjoyable experience. The day flew by, given Mike's experience in law enforcement, he was able blend interesting stories with relevant facts in a truly engaging and often entertaining way. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to obtain or renew their CHL. Thanks Mike!

Student Name:  Jackie C. Riggs
Occupation:  Retired --Electronics
Comments:  After reading most of the other entries , I fully agree . Lt. Lane and the officers he had with him made the time at the gun range very safe and informative. As for the class segment the pace moved along and kept your interest at all times. Mike is well versed in the law and there was no hesitation when answering any questions we had. He made what could have been a long day a very interesting and informative one . For your chl class , Lt. Mike Lane's class is a very good choice

Student Name:  Ed & Patty DeSimone
Occupation:  Retired Military
Comments:  I signed my wife up for Mikes CHL class so she would understand the laws on the use of a firearm and to help build her confidence in her ability to shoot accuratly.I did this after two hours of private one on one shooting instruction that Mike provided on a range. In that short time Mike took her from a nervous gun handeler who shot patterns on paper instead of groups, to a very confident and accurate shooter who knew she could handle the requirements of passing her CHL class. I decided to take the class with her and we attended the March 9, 2013 class.Mike was able to keep this 10 hour class fun, interesting and most importantly informative. His life experiences as a police officer and a crertified firearms instructor, allowed him to apply real life examples to more easily help us understand the application of the penal code and the rules and regulations that must be followed by all CHL holders. We all passed the written test with ease due to Mikes ability as a very patient and professional instructor. I highly recommend anyone wanting to obtain a CHL, attend Mikes class, he is a true professional.

Student Name:  Jared Peterson
Occupation:  Operations Manager
Comments:  Mike did a great job teaching this course. My brother and I both enjoyed it. He made the laws easy to discuss and understand. I will be renewing my CHL with Mike in the future.

Student Name:  Frank Ballew
Occupation:  Retired Military
Comments:  I recently attended one of Mikes CHL Classes and was very pleasantly surprized and pleased with both the Classroom and Firing phases of f the CHL class hosted and taught by Mike.
I have never been in any class or firing exercises that were as professional taught or executed.
I highly recommend you using Officer Mike as you CHL instructor. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Student Name:  Leah and Greg Spittle
Comments:  LOVED THIS CLASS!! My husband and I took this class to get our CHL a week ago. I really did not know what to expect from a 10 hour class. Mike made it SO GREAT. Since he a Lieutenant he has so many interesting stories that made the class not only interesting but it really helped to relate to all the things we were learning. He was easy to listen to and we had the best time with him. We now feel more prepared to be CHL holders and I am proud that we earned this with Mike! Thanks again!!!

Student Name: Rob Elmiger
Occupation:  Sales Rep North Texas
Comments:  If you want to take a CHL class and have been putting it off as I was, I would suggest doing it with Mike Lane.
He knows his stuff and along with personal testimony keeps the class engaged and you don't know where the time goes.
We had a great day and he actually came to a remote location to provide the class. Since I have wanted to get my license for the past 15 years, It made it simple.
He takes the time to train the beginners that have never shot before and I think everyone respected that.
If you want your CHL take time to seek Mike out and take the class with him. May cost a little more than the other folks but you get what you pay for.

Student Name: Steve Wood
Occupation:  Self-employed
Comments:  I lucked into finding this class. There may be other CHL instructors as good as Mike but I doubt there are any better. It's a long day but he makes it fun as well as informative. Mike is a treasure trove of insights and real world information. His class is concise and to the point. This was definitely time well spent. He is happy to answer all of your questions. Do yourself a favor and take his class!

Student Name:  Richard and Eveanne Friedman
Comments:  Mike runs a quality course. My wife was very nervous about the shooting and Mike soon put her at ease and taught her a lot.  The information imparted in the lectures was very useful and well put together.

Student Name:  Mike Speanburg
Occupation:  Sales Executive
Comments:  I really enjoyed the class and have recommended it to a number of friends. It was important to me as a handgun owner to know the law related to handguns and the class was very informative. Thanks Mike

Student Name:  Hal Cummins
Occupation:  Network Solution design
Comments:  Educational and fun! Mike told stories of real life experiences as a police officer to enforce the material he was teaching. He has a very interactive style which made the material very easy to learn. If you are concerned about passing the shooting or written test, Mike will get you there. Thanks Mike, I had a great time!

Student Name:  Speed Collingsworth
Occupation:  President Mining Division Varel International
Comments:  Forget the rest. Lt. Mike Lane's CHL class is the BEST! You will enjoy the class. You will realize quickly that Lt. Lane is a highly qualified professional and also a person with exceptional people skills, and teaching skills as well as a great person. I thought he positive comments I read on his web site before taking his class would turn out to be too good to be true. You can believe the positive comments 110%. Sign up with confidence!!

Student Name:  Barbara
Occupation:  Realtor
Comments:  Great class! Mike is very knowledgeable, dedicated and up on the news changes in the laws. I had only shot a rifle a time or two and was a bit nervous about the range part, Mike made me feel at ease and I learned a lot. As a realtor that shows farm and ranch in rural areas it was one reason I decided to get my CHL I am certainly glad I chose Mike's class. I highly recommend him.

Student Name:  Jeffrey Reed
Occupation:  Coca-Cola
Comments:  One heck of a class. Mike is one of the most motivated, dedicated and knowledgeable instructor I have ever met. He will insure you know the criteria, no matter how long it takes. If you are thinking of taking this class, Mike should be your instructor. thanks Mike

Student Name:  Linda Slocum
Occupation:  Corporate Secretary
Comments:  I felt fortunate to have happened upon this class instructor. He was so patient and attentive to all our needs. Very professional and attention to detail. He does answer all your questions. There is no rush & class seemed a bit long, but we learned a lot of information. Time well spent. Highly recommend this great person!

Student Name:  Stacie Smith
Comments:  First, I'd like to thank Lt. Lane for working with me and all of my scheduling issues. It was very much appreciated.
I was referred to his CHL class by several law enforcement officers. Some knew him very well...others just by acquaintance. ALL of them spoke of him with respect.
The most impressive aspect of this class was Lt. Lane's passion in educating his students and in his genuine concern for our safety. He shared both personal and professional experiences with us, drawing from his vast experience as a dedicated public servant.
I cannot think of a more qualified or knowledgeable individual as an instructor.
Lt. Lane, thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Student Name:  Conner McKinney
Comments:  What can I say, by far the best class I have taken. Lane defiantly know his material inside and out. He keeps the class involved and while in the ten hour class it was never at one point boring. You are constantly engaged while in the class, either with the material he teaches or the real life stories he tells that relates to taking this course. You need to take this class!!!!

Student Name:  Pat Logan
Comments:  I've been putting the CHL Training off for years, and decided to finally do it last month. I looked up the closest Gun Range which turned out to be the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, and somehow the Texas Firearms Training Academy Web Site came up. While looking at the "About Your Instructor" Section I read that Mike Lane was a Lt. on the Lewisville Police Department, and a former member of their SWAT Team. My good friend had raved about his previous CHL training with a Dallas Police Officer, so I decided that this Class was for me on June 29th. And I was so right. Mike was a true professional on the Gun Range and in the Class Room. I was raised with Hand Guns and thought I knew it all, but Mike taught us even more. An Outstanding Class where you learn a lot more than just the rules of Concealed Carry, taught by someone that has a intimate understanding of Weapons. I wouldn't consider getting the Training anywhere else.

Student Name:  Doc Henry
Occupation:  Veterinary Technician
Comments:  I drove 5hrs each way to take Mike's class because he was highly recommended, and it was well worth it. Mike will take the time you deserve to make sure all your questions are answered, while keeping the class moving along and interesting. I was very impressed with the one on one time he took with each student during the shooting portion no matter the experience level of the shooter. I'll be making the drive back when it's time to renew.

Student Name:  Charles A.
Occupation:  Mechanic
Comments:  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. One of the main reasons I chose Lieutenant Mike Lane's class over others was his knowledge and perspectives coming from his law enforcement background and experience. I was not disappointed he was able to explain the Chapter 411. Texas DPS codes, penal codes and so forth in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks Mike, see you at recert.

Student Name:  Tim Goerz
Occupation:  Oilfield Engineer
Comments:  Mike is the consummate professional. His voluminous knowledge, real world experience, and keen sense of humor make for a educational and fun experience. His emphasis of safety on the range coupled with his patience with novices readily demonstrated his teaching ability. An outstanding day that flew by....this is THE ONE-DAY class you need to seriously consider. It doesn't get any better than this. Also, I received my CHL in an amazing 27 days by following his suggestions.

Student Name:  Elaine Bibby
Occupation:  Secretary
Comments: : I took the CHL class w my dad and friends. This is a very informative class with an energetic and knowledgable instructor. The class is long but a lot of fun. I recommend this class and this instructor. Well worth your time and effort.

Student Name:  Roy Nelson
Occupation:  Postmaster
Comments:  Mike did an excellent job with keeping the class interesting and knowledgeable, with all the laws and information needed. I am an avid shooter and was impressed with the time he took with the rookies in helping them to feel comfortable with the gun and the safety of the gun during the range time. Keep up the GREAT work Mike and I will be giving your name to everyone I know.

Student Name:  Mark Webb
Last Name:  Construction/Pastor
Comments:  GREAT CLASS! Mike came to a neighboring church and taught our class. I am former law enforcement and appreciated the attention to detail he showed. It was a long day, but Mike kept us engaged. I also appreciated the professionalism. Anytime you have a bunch of folks you don't know running around with loaded firearms you want a strong hand at the wheel. Mike was very knowledgeable, yet still humble and polite. I highly recommend Mike for your CHL class.

Student Name:  Kelly M.
Occupation:  Mfg. Business owner
Comments:  Cannot say enough great things about Lieutenant Lane and his CHL class. From the correspondence prior to the class, the qualifying portion, and the classroom time itself, the class was completely professional and top-notch. Would and will recommend this CHL to all.

Student Name:  Teresa McQueen
Comments:  Mike is an awesome instructor. I won't kid you it is a long day but very informational. On the range he takes time with those like me who are not experienced and gives you one on one help. I felt totally comfortable with the law and my firearm by the end of the day. When I went to get fingerprints there were several people there that did not have the paperwork or knowledge of what to do because their instructors did not tell them. Mike covers the material to make sure you have no questions and you know what steps to take to get your license. He makes the classroom time as painless as possible. I would highly recommend!!

Student Name:  D.Bradford
Occupation:  Sales Executive
Comments:  If you are wanting to get your CHL, but aren't very excited about taking a 10 hour class about gun laws, stop putting it off and take this class. Mike does a fantastic job of explaining things and the day just flies by. He has some amazing stories to share from being in law enforcement and he manages to keep the class interesting. I highly recommend this class.

Student Name:  Seth Minter
Occupation:  Peterbilt
Comments:  My wife and I took the CHL class from Lt Mike. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining as well. This guy really knows his stuff! It was a 10hr class but the time flew by, its well worth it. I plan to have my 2 teenage kids sit in on a class.